In more ways than one perhaps…

Finished sorting what pages I wanted to keep and which to leave behind. Put the keepers into the new format. Pondering which to add next. And got a very random phone call from a contracting company that wants to talk to me about web QA work which I’ve not done in forever. They are talking around $25/hr. I’m having coffee with her on Friday. So we’ll see how that goes.

Why hello there =}

Fancy seeing you here. I realized while working on Kirby’s new webpage ( that I hadn’t touched my own webpage since I moved to PA 5 years ago. WOW was it out of date and incredibly clunky. I had started in IT as a native HTML coder and over the years I’ve just fallen out of love with doing a lot of this crap the hard way. WP is amazing and seriously, why make this harder than it has to be, right? So this is the new page in the making. It’ll prolly take some time to get stuff up and some of it will be archived for good.