Around about February, 2005 a friend of mine looked at me, narrowed her eyes, and asked me, “You used to model, didn’t you?” Understand that bringing up my former modeling was a sure way to make me bristle. Let me elaborate…

When I was about two years old a man approached my mother and wanted to sign me to do some modeling. My father’s response to that was not only no, but HELL no. So that was the end of that until I was about thirteen. At this point my grandmother decided that modeling school was appropriate for a young lady (because all of her friends’ granddaughters were doing it) so off I went. The dilemma was that I was of too large a frame to be a regular model and too small in size to be a plus sized model. Where did that leave me? Relegated to doing an awful lot of hair, makeup, and wardrobe assignments. I didn’t do any work outside of the school until four years later when I was living in Buffalo, New York. I did a little paid work there, but I ran into the same old problem.

Well the question was posed again nine years later. A lot changed in nine years. I am very much a different person that I was a year ago, let alone a decade ago. My body image issues, many of them stemming from those earlier experiences, have evolved. My artistic tastes and expressions are very different than they were then. I’ve now been approached on three occasions, once for a movie and twice more for photography. So here I am, nine years later, laughing over my old portfolio and starting to build a new one. I don’t know that I’ll ever add to it but on the offchance that I do, and for the sheer amusement of seeing pictures of when I was young and skinny, I keep them here.

February 15th, 2005: Flesh of My Flesh

From Hellbender Media, Flesh of My Flesh is slated for release in late Fall of 2005 eventually. I was recruited to be a special extra, which required me to climb into a morgue drawer in an abandoned mental hospital in nothing but my underwear. It sounded like fun. Stills to come once film released.

June 12th, 2005: The Goddess Project

A project by Ricardo Scipio, a collection of fine art nudes celebrating the Goddess that is within every woman. Yes, these are nudes, which means I’m not posting them unedited online =P If you want to see the complete work you’ll have to be one of the lucky souls to buy a copy of the book.

UPDATE: In case you were wondering, Tryon Creek is FREAKIN COLD in May.

June 12th, 2005 Sunset in the Gorge

Exploring the tribal soul against the bleeding sunset of the Columbia River Gorge. Photography by Stacy of Photos by Stacy and Saturn of Saturn Style Studios.

UPDATE: Okay so, Portland weather sucks, and the sunsets fizzle a lot more than they bleed. Oh well, =P

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