Hateful BITCH

So there’s been this plant. We don’t know what it is. It was growing in that little strip of dirt between our sidewalk and the neighbor’s sidewalk. It was getting BIG! We weren’t sure if it was a squash, a zuc, a pumpkin, a watermelon, no idea. But it had started to get flowers so we were waiting to see what it was!

So I walk out the door 30 mins ago for my walk. And laying in the grass in that little strip of ground is the plant… ripped up out of the ground, roots bare, wilting in the sun.


The bitch is the woman who lives next door. No, I don’t know her name nor do I care to. She is hateful. Her parents are hateful. I don’t know if that other guy who keeps showing up is her brother or her boyfriend or what. He’s hateful too. Her son’s father comes by sometimes and he’s a really nice guy. NO idea how that whole thing happened. I don’t know if they are still married or not. OH and don’t forget the poodle. The poodle that is obviously her mother’s that she hates and lets shit in our yard.

So I came back (a little more quickly from my walk because I was fuming) and got my trowel. The plant has now been transplanted to our flower bed. It was empty anyway because I was planning to put a hydrangea there in the spring. I poured about a half gallon of water on it. I’m praying it comes back.

And from here on out, any more dog shit I find in our yard will also be “transplanted” back to her’s where it belongs.

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