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Free to a good home…

So I have something that’s been bothering me for a while. By “a while” I mean since 2005ish.

I spent some ten years in the SCA. The last few years were my most active. Unfortunately after some ten years of wonderful memories I made a terribly grave error. Within six months I walked away. Walked away from ten years of service, all of my friends, my primary hobby, and the glue that was at that point holding my shaky relationship together. I was at the time the Kingdom Chirurgeon, Master Chirurgeon, Her Ladyship, Protege, Herald, Senior Heavy Marshal, Senior Light Marshal, and Junior Siege Marshal. That first one there was my mistake. Unbeknownst to me I was the sacrificial lamb in a bitter battle between three old drunks. I found this out as I left the presence of the Crown after accepting my position, literally waiting for me at the end of the row of chairs as I walked away. I spent the next six months being torn apart, called things most people can’t pronounce, and generally in tears because of something I did not do, was not involved in in any way, was a clear case of wrongdoing that occurred before I ever took office, and which pitted these bitter old drunks against one another in a disgusting display of disrespect and disrepute that left me leaving a July Coronation having resigned my position and walking away from the club forever.

And after seven years this still lives in a ribbon case in a storage box in the basement:

2013-04-20 02.00.53-1

I would like to give it to someone who will find it a good home. If you are that person, or know of someone who is, please let me know.

Move it fat ass.

So back in September I decided I was tired of being fat and tired. I’m not overly obese but I am certainly far too heavy. So I went into it full bore. I walked nearly every day for the entire month of September. I had energy, I was sleeping well, I was getting shit done, and in the process I lost 15 pounds and my clothes were fitting an awful lot better. I got back into belly dance classes and life was looking good.

Then we got to October. My daily routine got derailed. The daily walks came to a screeching halt. My energy waned. Sleeping, sometimes at all, became an issue. My motivation evaporated. My to do list and stress grew exponentially. Weather got ugly. And come February after some incredibly unprofessional behavior from the instructor I left my belly dance class. And I’ve gained back 7 pounds.

It’s mid April.

I can’t live like this. I want to have energy. I want to SLEEP. I want to get this shit done. I want to DO so much and not just in my head but actually DO it.

I have a new belly dance class that starts tonight. I have some challenging choreography that I have literally a month to learn.

It’s a really nice day out.

I need to go take my walk.