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My cranky old cat

I had left home for college a year early. By the time I got to Buffalo I was in my fourth bad relationship and working on my second college at the ripe old age of nineteen. I decided that what I was really missing in life was a cat.

We went to the SPCA up in Tonawanda that July. Lady was showing us the cat room when I realized my jacket was caught on something. I turned around to find a calico cat looking up at me, laying on her back in her cage with her paw out under the door and hooked on my jacket. We took her out of her cage and she proceeded to climb into my jacket and curl up. We took her home. She was eight weeks old. I named her Pawz.

I remember when that relationship failed miserably. We were in house #2 with him and I was sitting in the living room packing. She comes in dragging a cat toy behind her, one of those feathers on a stick, and drops it in front of me and just looks at me. She was packing too.

She was with me through fifteen moves, twice cross country, two earthquakes, a tornado, more hurricanes and blizzards than I can count, four horribly failed relationships, more terrible life decisions than I care to admit, and had decided that John’s lap belonged to her. She’d trained John and the Orkin man to turn on the kitchen sink for her. She’d outlived three brothers and outstayed many more. She’s survived by just two.

Her kidneys failed this weekend. The vet says the next step would have been seizures. I couldn’t let her go through that. She’d suffered enough for me. I couldn’t let her suffer any more. After eighteen years she was ready to go. I just wasn’t ready to let her go. Sometimes the right decision is the hardest.

I just hope she knows how much I loved her.