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Why? Because you’re an idiot, that’s why.

So I will begin this with the disclaimer that this post is not aimed at any particular person or people.

But it totally is.

So there seems to be two very distinct personality types on Facebook these days that, each time I see them post, leaves me reaching to toggle off the “Show In News Feed” option. Oddly enough they also tend to be women. And I’m willing to bet anyone else reading this knows these kind of people and have also burnt the willpower to not respond with, in summary, this post.

“OMG look at this totally amazing expensive thing I bought for my pseudo-fetish!”
“I got this amazing dress that was ridiculously expensive for this function I have to go to and will never wear again!”
“Those boots are SO cute that I had to have them in two colors even though they are SO expensive that I shouldn’t have.”
“*cry* I can’t pay my phone bill and my mom won’t help me cover rent *cry* why is life so unfair?”

“(insert meme about what a real man is)”
“(insert meme about some unrealistic romantic fantasy)”
“(insert borderline inappropriate meme about how much of a whore she wants to be)”
“Why can’t I find a man? *cry* Why won’t anyone love me?”

Please. Seriously. Just shut the fuck up.